Without a wheelchair, the participation is restricted
a child with disability in a family with sisters and brothers
disabled child
DAN tricycles distributed on 3rd December 2013, IDD
government funded tricycles made by  DAN visited by President Siilaanyo,IDD 2013
H.E. President Ahmed M.M. speaks at IDD 2013 in Hargeisa
H.E. Minister Hirsi of Somaliland Presidency speaks at IDD 2013
Tricyle users's parade at IDD 2013 in Hargeisa
Corner seat
Wheelchairs are enabling children to go to schools.
With a wheelchair, the child with disability can go to school.
Water reservoir digging - DAN - Balli Abbane village
public water reservoir construction - Balli Abbane, DAN
Water reservoir, covering - DAN Balli Abbane village
Finished community water reservoir to store rain water - Balli-Abbane village.
Balli-Abbane dam, dry
camels drinking water at Balli-Abbane during rainy season.